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Every Friday: 

  • Happy Hour $2 Beer & Rail Drinks 3pm-6pm

    • Some exclusions apply​

  • Happy hour 2 for 1 drinks 6pm-8pm

  • 6pm Meat Raffle: $2 Tickets

  • Shrimp or Fish Dinner Special

Available Gambling: 

  • All new: E-tabs

    • Check out the new Link Bingo!  We've had many winners including a $2500!​

  • State lottery, Powerball, Gopher 5 and all your popular scratch offs and online games

  • Paper pull tabs run through the Rushford Peterson Booster Club

  • Starting again in September we will be running meat raffles on Friday nights along with state approved sports boards

Off-Sale Beer Available: 

  • Golden Lt Case Cans or Bottles 

  • Bud Lt Case Cans or Bottles 

  • Bud Case Cans or Bottles 

  • Coors Lt Case Cans or Bottles 

  • Busch Lt 12 oz Cans or Bottles 

  • Busch Lt 16 oz 16 Pak 

  • Busch 16 oz 24 pack (flat) 

  • Busch Lt 16 oz 24 pack (flat) 

  • Coors Lt 15 Pack 16oz Aluminum Bottles 

  • Stop in to check out our other liquor and beer available!

Watch our Facebook & calendar of events below for up to date specials & events. 

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